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Logos for 3M Food Safety and Neogen, two companies that are combining.
A new era is here.

3M Food Safety is combining with Neogen. Read about the change on Neogen’s website.

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3M Total Food Safety Solutions

Adhere to food safety and sanitation regulations in the Philippines with 3M food safety solutions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your products are tested using technology certified to ISO and validated by third-party organisations.

Explore how 3M provides solutions for your food safety and sanitation needs:

Total Food Safety Solutions by industry

Detect microorganisms for your industry at every step of the food and beverage production process. Select an industry that best describes your business to:

  • Discover the range of 3M food safety products designed to protect your facility and your customers
  • Read about the latest technology to improve your testing protocols
  • Learn how an environmental monitoring program can safeguard your facility

Key Food Safety Solutions

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To ensure top quality and safety,
access the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for 3M Food Safety Products.


The importance of environmental monitoring

  • 3M Food Environmental monitoring processing line
  • Testing the environment is a way to ensure that your facility meets stringent international food safety and sanitation standards.

    See how an environmental monitoring program helps reduce contamination risks and optimizes hygienic practices at your facility.

Catch the latest news and events in the food safety industry

  • Equip your team with food and beverage safety skills. Watch on-demand webinars about food microbiology trends, or sign up for our seminars to learn about ISO accreditation, allergen and risk assessment, and other related topics.

  • Frank Yiannas speaking the global food safety initiative symposium