Amy, the resident Nexcare™ Product expert, answers the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Product Development Specialist

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    Why should I choose Nexcare™ Brand?

    At Nexcare, we don’t just design products for no reason. We use science to find better ways to help heal. Which is why we take leading hospital products and make them directly available to you.

  • Aren’t wounds supposed to stay dry in order to heal?

    Nope. If your wound dries, it heals more slowly, especially if a scab forms. Our waterproof dressings and bandages take the place of the scab and promote a healthy healing environment while still letting air in.

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    What’s with the shape of the bandage?

    The diamond shape is for a complete, 360-degree seal around the pad’s entire surface. This ensures a stronger seal and allows for better protection from dirt, germs and everything else.

  • How do I make a bandage stick better?

    Simple, make sure the area is clean and free of lotions or ointments. Our Nexcare Bandages with 360-degree seal will stick with ease.

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    If it’s waterproof, how is it breathable?

    Our waterproof bandages are made with a unique waterproof membrane that has microscopic air holes that are too small for water molecules to pass through, but allow oxygen in.

  • How do I remove a bandage as painlessly as possible?

    Our waterproof bandages and Tegaderm™ Transparent Dressings are designed for easy removal. Just grab an edge of either of these and stretch away from the wound, parallel to the skin. This releases the adhesive and it comes right off without grimacing. Or screaming. You should also try our Sensitive Skin bandages designed for a secure hold but pain-free removal.

  • Tegaderm Transparent Dressing

    What is Tegaderm™ Transparent Dressing and what makes it different?

    Tegaderm Dressings are completely clear, hospital-grade waterproof dressings used to keep wounds clean and protected while still being able to see the healing process. It sticks for up to seven days and is one of the best ways to cover larger wounds.

  • Why does the waterproof bandage have a white frame around it?

    The paper frame around our waterproof bandages helps you apply the bandage without it wrinkling as you apply it. The ultra-thin film conforms to your body and doesn’t get in the way of your day-to-day activities. This frame keeps the bandage from folding over itself and ensuring that way you get an excellent waterproof seal to the skin.

  • Amy Krohn

    Who is this expert?

    Amy is one of our resident rockstar experts whose job is to develop and test innovative products for you. As in, she literally listens to your questions and concerns and goes back to her lab to work with her team of scientists to invent better ways to heal. She’s also wicked smart.

  • If you cannot find the answer to your question here, call us at (02)588-9100 or send us a message.