3M Sustainability
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Here’s to a healthier world.

3M Health Care Sustainability

What if hospitals could conserve more energy? What if caregivers could minimize waste? What if medical teams could respond more effectively to natural disasters? Each day, 3M Health Care asks these questions to move toward a more sustainable world. We strive to create solutions that help protect patients, providers and the planet – so our customers and communities can thrive.

The science of sustainability

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    Science for circular

    We commit to more sustainable materials and a greener product portfolio to help lower costs and carbon footprints across the entire health ecosystem.  

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    Science for climate

    How we make our products matters. We are dedicated to environmental stewardship and manufacturing methods that offset emissions.

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    Science for community

    Everyone deserves to be healthy. We are helping more communities access the tools, training and care they need to live well. 

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Meet the Vice President of Sustainability for 3M Health Care, Anila Prabhu

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    As the vice president of sustainability for 3M Health Care, Anila identifies, initiates and executes 3M Health Care sustainability strategy across divisions. She aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Groups (SDGs) and turns to her 20 plus years of leadership experience across North and South America and Asia to drive sustainable solutions forward. Committed to community and meaningful work, Anila believes individual and collective efforts can make the world a cleaner, greener and healthier place for current and future generations.

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