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Helping the world respond to COVID-19

Playing a critical role

3M is proud to help lead the fight against COVID-19 and help support a return to life. We are helping businesses return to work as economies reopen and recover, and supporting the public health and government response to COVID-19. And we are planning for what comes next, collaborating with governments, customers, and stakeholders around the world to share our expertise on how to better prepare for future pandemics and emergencies.

Delivering on our commitments to public health

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    Making more respirators than ever before  
    • Increased supply: Now, 3M can more fully meet needs from health care, industrial customers and consumers.

    • Critical needs: Where needed, 3M is working with governments, health agencies, distributors and others to prioritize supplies to critical customer and public health needs.

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    Combatting price-gouging, fraud and counterfeiting
    • Fighting fraud: 3M has launched a global effort to combat fraud and price gouging to help protect the public against those who try to exploit the demand for critical 3M products during the pandemic.
    • Pursuing third parties: 3M is working with law enforcement authorities, technology companies and online resellers to help prevent fraud before it starts and stop it where it is occurring.
    • Reporting fraud: Customers with concerns about fraudulent activity can report them at 3M’s website.
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    Protecting employees and maintaining business continuity
    • Support: We have implemented measures to protect our employees and continue to monitor workplaces around the world to ensure our people have the support they need
    • Sustaining operations: 3M has been able to sustain operations in different circumstances around the world by working differently, partnering with local experts and governments, and collaborating globally
    • Open communication: Committed to serving our customers, we will maintain frequent and open communication in this dynamic environment
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    Delivering on your commitment to public health
    • Innovating: 3M has been collaborating on innovative solutions to create PPE and other critical supplies used in the fight against COVID-19.

    • Sharing: 3M has been sharing expertise on how to better prepare for future pandemics and emergencies with governments, customers, and stakeholders around the world.

    • Science: 3M is applying our science across industries to help people return to work, and to the people and places they love.

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  • 3M recommends purchasing our products from a 3M authorized distributor or dealer only. This offers the greatest assurance that you will receive authentic 3M product.​

    If you need help identifying 3M authorized distributors and dealers in your area, please contact 3M Help Center or +632 82711680 in Philippines.

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Stay up-to-date on the science of COVID-19

If you have questions about the virus and how to best protect yourself, please consult the sources below for the most current guidelines and recommended precautions.