1. Philippines Taal Eruption and N95 Respirators
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    Philippines Taal Eruption and N95 Respirators


    Bulletin 2

    3M Philippines continues to work closely and proactively with first responders of various government agencies, local government units, as well as channel and retail partners to provide the public, and the local and international non-profit organizations with their supply and donations requests supported by the strength of 3M’s global network.

    To clarify issues on pricing and protect the public, please note that:

    • 3M is a manufacturer and does not engage in the direct retail selling of its respirators in the Philippines.
    • 3M has not increased its prices of respirators as a result of the Taal volcanic eruption.
    • Moreover, as a manufacturer, 3M does not dictate reseller pricing. As a reference, the suggested retail price in major hardware retail establishments who carry 3M™ 8210 N95 respirators prior to this situation is Php60.00/piece. Note however that prices may vary depending on the channels you purchase them from.
    • To be assured of buying genuine 3M products, customers should buy from resellers fully authorized to operate in the Philippines and who source their supply from legitimate, authorized channels.
    • If possible, customers may also want to canvass across multiple resellers to help find the best selection and price. Rest assured that 3M is doing everything possible to replenish the channel as inventories of respirators are consumed.

    We also would like to address many of the common questions we have been receiving specific to the N95 respirator:

    Here are other helpful references from similar situations that happened in other countries before:


    We are mindful that the last time Taal volcano erupted, its effects were still felt months after the initial eruption. Measures are in place to ensure that we continue to be proactive and meet the needs of the public to address this situation.

    If you have further questions, please contact us by email through 3Mproducts.ph@mmm.com or call +632-82711680.

    Bulletin 1

    Given the Taal volcano eruption and ashfall situation, 3M Philippines has been receiving numerous assistance and procurement requests. We have been working closely with the first responders of various government agencies and LGU’s as well as all authorized 3M channel partners to supply the necessary N95 respirators needed.

    As such, the 3M contact information where you may get the channel partner (distributors) and retail (stores) information nearest you is below.

    Globe/Bayantel: 1800-8902-0491
    PLDT/Smart: 1800-1320-0201
    Other Network: 63-282711680
    Email: 3Mproducts.ph@mmm.com

    We are closely coordinating with our sources of supply in the region and the U.S. to continue to replenish the inventory and ensure that the public receives authentic products with proper warranty. We caution that some business establishments are taking advantage of the high demand for proper respirators/masks by pricing the same at more than double the usual retail price. Counterfeit and/or unregistered products are likewise flooding the market.

    We thus urge the public to be vigilant in protecting themselves against such fraud, and encourage that you continue to bring these matters to our attention as well as report such instances of market abuse to the Enforcement Division of the Philippine Competition Commission at +632 87719-722 local 232 or enforcement@phcc.gov.ph.

    We remain faithful to our commitment to help improve every life with science and are doing our utmost to be here for our countrymen during this time of need.