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  • Our comprehensive abrasives portfolio offers solutions from rough grinding to the superfinishing of steel and cast steel alloys – ideal for camshaft and crankshaft applications.

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  • Inside diameter (ID) grinding is used to refine bores with a high-precision fit. Grinding wheels, attached to a spindle shank, should achieve a cool cut with the lowest possible contact pressure and optimum free-cutting performance.

  • Outside diameter (OD) grinding is one of the most frequently used grinding techniques. The workpiece is clamped firmly between two centers and rotated.

  • Because of its speed and relative economy, centerless grinding has traditionally been used for higher volume processing of cylindrical shapes.

  • Creep-feed grinding is often divided into several process steps, performed in sequence with decreasing material removal rates. Right-angle creep-feed grinding is used to machine bearing seats, shoulders and grooves.

  • Microfinishing removes damaged or morphous layers to improve the surface finish and roundness of the part. The workpiece, such as a crankshaft or a camshaft, is turned and oscillated between centers as shoes introduce the abrasive to the workpiece.

  • For face and fine grinding, 3M offers a wide range of segmented wheels in numerous shapes to optimize ccoling and performance within your grinding operation.

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