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  • Modern cutting tools like drills and milling machines often have complicated geometries with very tight tolerances and high requirements on the surface finish quality. To meet these requirements and be in the position to grind with high quality at low cost, the demands on the grinding machine and especially on the grinding wheels have risen dramatically. To meet these demands, CNC tool grinding machines must have significantly higher performance and be more stable, flexible and equipped with an efficient cooling system. At the same time, though, this also increases the demands placed on the grinding wheels used.

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  • With our innovative bonds especially for insert grinding, we are able to reach maximum grinding efficiency even with highly demanding geometries on ultra-hard materials like tungsten carbide, PCD, CBN, ceramics and/or cermets in one clamping.

  • Complex forms like rotary tools require, more then others, the correct combination of cutting speed, feed rate and conditioning interval in order to fully utilize the performance offered by a grinding wheel. Whether it comes to flute grinding, cutting or gashing we provide you a stable solution.

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