3M Safety Prescription Glasses

3M Safety Prescription Glasses

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Prescription Safety Glasses

3M Safety Prescription Eyewear (SRx)

  • Simple Solutions - Customer Ordering

    Simple Solutions is an occupational prescription eyewear program offered by 3M that features package pricing and credit card only payment.

    The package pricing of $159.00 includes all 3M frames, a comprehensive selection of lenses (including progressive addition power or no-line bifocals) and a professional dispensing fee.

    Benefits of Simple Solutions:

    • Easy to use
    • Cost effective
    • Turnkey program
    • No waiting to establish an account
    • No monthly billing
    • All eyewear is paid for by a Corporate Purchasing or Pro card, or, alternatively, with an employee personal credit card.

    The entire purchase will be billed to the credit card specified. If options are selected, they may be paid for by the Company, or by an employee credit card if desired.

    To keep your Credit Card information protected, 3M has developed a credit card security website that will enable you to obtain a Secure Credit Card ID Number (SCCID#). This SCCID# will be used on the eyewear order form in place of your actual credit card number.

    No charges will be made to this number until the eyewear is completed and shipped.

    Multiple purchases can be made using the SCCID# as long as the credit card is valid.


    You will receive an email notification/receipt of each eyewear transaction applied to this number.


    To obtain your Secure Credit Card ID # now, please click hereYou will be directed to the order form once you have obtained your SCCID#.

    Secure Credit Card ID information (PDF, 87 KB)

    3M™ Prescription Safety Eyewear Pricing (PDF, 59 KB)

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  • 3M Package Pricing Programs for Safety Prescription Eyewear!

    Ordering SRx has never been this easy.

    SRx Made Easy Program Brochure (PDF, 1.81 MB)

    SRx Customer Service: 1-800-982-2828.

  • Why 3M: Over 100 years of experience.

    3M pioneered bringing safety prescription eyewear to the workforce. The business that is now 3M™ Safety Prescription Eyewear pioneered the first safety prescription glasses in the early 1900's. For decades, 3M has provided business and industry with comprehensive safety prescription eyewear products and programs that are designed to improve compliance and help with program administration.

    Health and safety are the priorities in every work environment. When it comes to protective eyewear, 3M works hard to improve compliance by offering diverse coatings, modern styles and greater comfort. 3M advanced coating technologies are designed to offer clearer vision with greater functionality and durability.

    Choosing eyewear can be complicated; 3M is one of the only providers that offers a full range of protective and prescription eyewear - in addition to many value-added services, such as fit testing.

    We can help you administer your program and we have a vast network of eyecare professionals to assist with product selection and fitting - either onsite in your plant, or offsite at one of our more than 3,000 optical store locations. For convenience, safety, style and versatility, 3M is the clear choice.