• Fast payback. In as little as 3 years you can earn back the cost of 3MTM window Films through energy savings.

    Reject the sun’s heat and control sunlight on your terms with 3M™ Window Films that can impact tenant comfort, occupancy rates, energy bills and profits. An estimated 33% of cooling expenses are due to solar heat gain from windows. That’s why cost-effective, energy-saving technologies like 3M™ Window Films are crucial to protecting your bottom line — by rejecting the sun’s heat for superior sun control while retaining beautiful views inside and out.

Optimise your building with envelope improvements.

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  • There are many energy conservation technologies available to help you save money. It is essential to choose the right products and complete your upgrades in a sequential order so you can maximize your profits. Often, envelope upgrades (such as window film) are overlooked, and owners jump right to optimising their HVAC system. If you create a more efficient building envelope before HVAC improvements, you may be able to downsize your HVAC equipment in the future, enabling you to reach the maximum possible performance for your profits.

Make Your Building Energy Efficient with 3M™ Window Films

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    Savings you can see.

    The US Department of Energy considers window film a top-tier technology for energy conservation with one of the fastest paybacks — approximately three years. Upgrading your windows with 3M™ Window Film can save you USD$1 to USD$2 per square foot of film installed, or as much as 19 kWh per square foot of glass.

    • Reduce heat gain in summer months by up to 79%
    • Save as much as 19 kWh per square foot of glass
    • Fast payback — as little as 3 years
    • Many utility companies offer incentives
    • 3M™ Window Films are proven to save energy in all climate zones
    • 3M can complete an Energy Plus energy audit on your building to calculate your projected savings
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    Promote Sustainability.

    Reduce your energy use and your carbon emissions. Take control of your environment with 3M™ Window Films. By rejecting the heat of the sun, you use less energy. By keeping your window treatments open, you use less electric lighting and save on energy costs. By upgrading your existing windows to energy efficient glass windows, you’re keeping them out of the landfill.

    • Keep your existing windows
    • Reduce light pollution
    • Let in natural light while rejecting heat
    • Lower your energy consumption
    • Help qualify for LEED credits
    • 3M™ Window Films can become carbon negative in as short as 6 months from install

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How to buy 3M™ Window Films

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Saving energy is good for everyone’s business.

If you install 3M™ Window Films, you can benefit from energy savings and so much more.