include 3m industrial cleaning solutions in your virus disinfection methods

Protect Your Facility with an Enhanced Cleaning Strategy

Today, protecting your workers and visitors is a top priority. Rethink your cleaning, saniziting, and disinfecting process with 3M Cleaning Management Solutions.


3M Facility Cleaning, Maintenance, and Resurface Solutions

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Long-lasting protection and appearance.

Create a clean, safe, and comfortable environment within your industrial, healthcare, or hospitality facility with 3M Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Solutions. At 3M, we use our science and technology to develop systems that provide a safe and welcoming experience for tenants and visitors.

We also offer design solutions, such as architectural and glass finishes, to repurpose existing surfaces, increase safety, and even accrue significant savings.

Find Your 3M Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Solution

  • Maintaining a clean and sanitary facility is no small undertaking. 3M can help you manage your chemical program with safe and accurate solutions.

  • The appearance of your floors can affect first impressions and ultimately your building’s image. 3M provides solutions to help improve the look and longevity of your floors while making you and your brand shine.

  • Preventing slips, trips, and falls within your facility starts with taking proactive measures. 3M provides the tools you need to understand the risks areas in your facility and provide reliable and proactive solutions.

  • Innovative solutions engineered to simplify the most complex maintenance tasks in healthcare facilities.