Accuracy is attainable

Accurate dilution is critical for cleaning efficiency and effectiveness. Too much chemicals and you could damage surfaces, too little and your guests may be exposed to viruses.

Consequences of Inaccurate Chemical Concentrates

An inaccurate chemical dispenser can have repercussions in more ways than subpar cleanliness by potentially causing budget pressure, labour issues, safety concerns, facility damage, and compliance.

Under-Dilution (too much chemical) may lead to:

  • Increased Exposure and Costs

    • Over budgeting/increased cost due to inconsistent chemical dispensing
    • Potential for harmful exposure and worker safety hazards
    • Surface degradation caused by overly acidic or basic chemical mixes, increasing replacement costs

    Excess Residue

    • Higher frequency of sticky floors/surfaces
    • Re-cleaning of surfaces
    • Additional labor/effort, increasing labor and product costs
    • Tampering and safety risks

Over-Dilution (too much water) may lead to:

  • Ineffective Disinfectant

    • Decreased efficacy of over-diluted chemicals
    • Potential HAI and oubreak risk
    • Higher potential of increased infection/absentee rates
    • Non-compliance with EPA label
    • Ineffective Cleaning Ability

    Re-cleaning of surfaces

    • Increased labor to counter performance issues of incorrectly mixed concentrates, overall costs
    • Tampering and safety risks

Find the Right 3M Cleaning Chemical Dispenser

Inaccurate chemical mixing can potentially increase your labour expenditure and impact your facility safety and compliance. Let our 3M experts help you achieve easy mixing, less waste, and potential long-term savings.

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