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Scotch-Brite™ Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser with Scotchgard™ Protector Wipes
  • Less time cleaning and more time creating great food and great experiences for your customers. With our kitchen degreaser wipes, clean grease off stainless steel surfaces any time throughout the day, while leaving behind a protective layer that will make it easier to wipe off grease the next time you clean.

A kitchen degreaser that saves time and effort.

  • Man cleaning kitchen with degreaser wipe

    Clean baked-on grease quickly and easily and leave behind a protective layer on the surface that can cut future cleaning time by 45% — even after just one use.

  • Degreaser wipe being used on a surface

    Use the convenient, disposable, premoistened kitchen degreaser wipes throughout the day to keep your stainless steel surfaces free of grease.

  • Man on a ladder safely using a degreaser wipe

    When using the kitchen degreaser wipes, there’s no need for gloves or other protective equipment, making them safer for your employees while keeping your kitchen spotless.

outdoor shot of Agave Kitchen in Hudson, WI
Keeping Your Kitchen Spotless

Meet the people at Agave Kitchen in Hudson, Wisconsin, and hear how Scotch-Brite degreasing wipes made cleaning faster and easier for them.

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