3M Solutions for Food Service

  • Focus on what you do best with a full line of kitchen cleaning solutions that can cut through your toughest chores—quickly, safely, and efficiently.

  • grease being cleaned off a griddle
    Grease Cleaning

    Concentrate your time on the food, not the greasy mess it leaves behind. 3M's food-safe and hard-working cleaners, polishes, sponges, and cloth cut through, no matter how stubborn the grime is.

  • customers enjoying themselves in a restaurant
    Restaurant Customer Experience

    Create a 5-star worthy experience from kitchen design ideas and food service trends, to restaurant cleanliness and bathroom sanitization.

  • kitchen equipment being used effectively
    Equipment Protection

    Enhance the longevity of your equipment with cleaning products designed for kitchen surfaces like glass, metal, stainless steel and other kitchen surfaces.

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