3M philippines csr banner on improving lives around the world

3M improves lives around the world.

  • Volunteers for 3Mgives, our corporate giving program and platform

    Investing our resources. Investing ourselves.

    3Mgives improves lives and builds sustainable communities through social investments and thoughtful engagement of 3Mers worldwide. 3M was one of the first companies to establish a foundation in 1953 and have a corporate giving program, and since that time the company has contributed $1.45 billion in cash and in-kind gifts to community partners.

    3Mgives continues to support initiatives that have a real impact on communities and that provide solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges. Our investments are more impactful as a result of partnerships with organizations with a proven track record for delivering results.

    3Mgives Annual Report (PDF, 273 KB)

3Mgives makes a positive impact in our three focus areas.

  • 3M partners with Mano Amiga as part of 3M Philippines CSR

    3Mgives supports initiatives that increase student interest in STEM and business to help build a diverse pipeline of future leaders.

    For example, 3M Philippines has partnered with nonprofit organization, Mano Amiga, to improve STEM access for Filipino students through a virtual event. The virtual summit gathered over 200 participants from across the country, who learned about personal journeys of experienced STEM professionals to pique interest in STEM careers.  

  • 3M partners with SOS Children's Village

    3Mgives enhances community vibrancy and improves lives in the Philippines through sustained and inclusive programs.

    For example, 3M provided a grant to SOS Children’s Villages Philippines aimed to implement a series of virtual trainings and web-based learning tutorials co-designed with the youth to acquire practical skills, which they need for self-reliance in the future. Portion of the funding shall also be used to fund micro-enterprise ventures so they can start their hands-on training experience as young entrepreneurs.

  • 3M csr includes environmental programs such as partnering with Plastic Flamingo Plastic Waste Management

    3Mgives invests in programs that help foster a more sustainable world.

    In one example, 3M has pledged its support to the Plastic Flamingo Plastic Waste Management project in the Philippines. The grant will provide support for efforts to increase the collection and recycling of plastic, reduce the plastic waste going to and polluting oceans.