Product Applications for Heavy Industrial

Partner with 3M to improve your heavy industrial products and processes

For welding, polishing, cleaning and sealing. For help controlling noise, weight or temperature. For almost everything that makes your product fly, swim, dig, race or transmit better and safer, look to 3M.

  • 3M products for heavy industrial attaching applications and solutions

    Attach plates and hold and secure panels. Reduce noisy assembly equipment, move, reconfigure and reassemble quickly and easily with 3M’s attaching solutions.

    3M™ Polyester Tape

  • 3M products for heavy industrial bonding applications and solutions

    Bonding tapes and adhesives, a proven alternative to screws and other mechanical fasteners, offer strength and sealing simultaneously. High quality, precision formulations with proven performance for your Heavy Industrial environment, inside and out.

    Double-Sided Bonding Tapes

  • 3M products for heavy industrial coatings and paint application
    Coating and Paint Application

    From production to precision, thick coatings to thin, 3M’s Spray Solutions offers manufacturing facilities premium performance while helping to make cleaning and maintenance faster and easier and reducing solvent used.

  • 3M products for heavy industrial damping applications and solutions

    Reduce noise and vibration to improve your product’s performance. 3M’s Acoustic Solutions help mute unwanted sound and damp vibration at a minimum for smooth, virtually silent operation of heavy equipment.

    3M™ Damping Tapes

  • Masked metal plates on a rack as a worker is about to lower them into an anodizing solution.
    Extreme Masking Tapes

    Acid baths, sandblasting, extreme heat, extended weathering and wear – we understand the challenges of extreme environments and we have solutions.

  • 3M products for heavy industrial fastening applications and solutions

    Strong and easily removable, 3M fastening solutions can replace screws, bolts and rivets in your designs.

    3M™ VHB™ Tapes

  • 3M products for heavy industrial filtration applications and solutions

    Prolong the life of your equipment and help maintain product quality specifications during manufacturing. 3M products for air and liquid filtration reduce harmful contaminants that can affect product quality and help reduce maintenance costs by keeping equipment running smoothly.

  • 3M products for heavy industrial finishing applications and solutions

    Refine finish and smooth rough surfaces without compromising geometric integrity. 3M offers a full line of abrasives – belts, discs, sheets, rolls, wheels and specialty items – in a broad combination of minerals, backings and bonds to help you prep, blend and perfect.

  • 3M products for heavy industrial grinding applications and solutions

    Level welds, grind bevels, shape parts to a specific geometry, and remove surface imperfections. 3M’s abrasive wheels, disks and belts help you achieve the best results when working with metal, ceramic, fiberglass and a variety of other materials.

    3M™ Cubitron™ II Fibre

  • 3M products for increasing power density in heavy industrial operations
    Increasing power density

    Increase power density of your engines with the help of 3M™ Friction Shims that provide a micro-scale interlock of bolted components. 

  • 3M products for heavy industrial lightweighting applications and solutions

    When it has to be lighter – but ordinary foam technology is too weak– look to the glass bubble technology. Plastic structures filled with 3M hollow glass bubbles keep parts strong and rigid while eliminating extra weight to help cut fuel and transportation costs.

  • 3M products for heavy industrial polishing applications and solutions

    Refine scratches and put finishing touches on work pieces and parts. Functional or aesthetic finishes are easy to achieve with 3M abrasives.

  • 3M products for heavy industrial powertrain applications and solutions

    Extend battery life, improve fuel efficiency and help reduce emissions with powertrain solutions for heavy industrial equipment. Produce the finish you need to keep things running smoothly on powertrain components like crankshafts, camshafts and gears. Help keep powertrain coolant streams clean and functioning optimally

    3M™ Microfinishing Film

  • 3M products for reducing emissions from heavy industrial equipment and products
    Reducing emissions

    Meet or exceed tough vehicle emissions requirements without sacrificing reliability. Easy to use and durable in extreme temperatures, 3M’s Interam™ mat mounts and insulation products let you reduce pollution while maintaining performance.

  • 3M products for space saving heavy industrial applications and solutions
    Reducing space

    3M™ Acrylic Foam tapes & 3M™ Dual-lock™ Fasteners can be used in many applications to replace mechanical fastening methods for the attachment of trim and sealing components. Significant weight reductions can be achieved by replacing mechanical clips, wires and channels in addition to benefits such as improved sealing, reduction of corrosion areas and design flexibility.

  • 3M products for heavy industrial sanding applications and solutions

    For your heavy-duty and heavy industrial equipment, 3M sanding products deliver value inside and out, from helping you decrease friction in hydraulic finishing applications to cleaning up rust, coatings and paint.

  • 3M products for heavy industrial sealing applications and solutions

    Seal it and forget it. Protect joints, seams and other penetrable areas against extreme heat, harmful chemicals and other environmental agents quickly, without adding weight. 3M offers a variety of lightweight fast-curing sealing solutions for moisture-proofing and insulating that give you peace of mind.

  • 3M products for heavy industrial thermal management applications and solutions
    Thermal management

    Even heavy-duty equipment has delicate working parts. Advanced ceramics from 3M help keep equipment cool without eating up valuable space. Flame shields and electrical insulation made with 3M’s ceramic textiles help critical components withstand extreme heat, and 3M’s cooling fillers offer a lighter weight alternative to metal heat sinks for electronic components.

    Design & Specialy Materials

  • Use 3M ceramics products to toughen materials for heavy industrial applications
    Toughening with ceramics

    Lightweight strength is the future of industrial design. And ceramics help you shed component pounds, maintain strength and control heat. Advanced ceramics from 3M are tough enough to replace metal parts yet lightweight for better overall performance. Use 3M ceramic fibers to create lightweight heat resistant composites or weave it into fabrics for the ultimate in fire protection.

  • 3M products for heavy industrial welding applications and solutions

    Our innovative welding safety products enable welding performance and make the welder's job safer and more comfortable. 3M is the supplier of Speedglas Welding Helmets and Systems for eye, face and respiratory protection.