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Request free attachment parts.

Replace parts such as attachment strips or slide mount tabs.

Need attachement parts? No problem. No charge.

We will replace attachment parts for most 3M Privacy and Protection products at no charge. Simply enter the quantity of each part you need, and provide your shipping information in the form below. We will ship your order in about two weeks.

3M reserves the right to limit quantities.

We will respond to your request within 2-3 business days.

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  • Replacement Parts for:
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    Small Attachment Strips - fits tablets and most laptops with a diagonal of 14.0" or smaller (3 Strips per sheet)
  • Large Attachment Strips - fits desktop monitors and most laptops with a diagonal of 14.1" or larger (3 Strips per sheet)
    Attachment corner tabs - only order if currently using (8 tabs per sheet)
    Slide Mount Tabs (2 long & 6 short)
    LCD Hanger Arms for PF317 & PF319 + Wide Screen - Black (pair)
    LCD Hanger arms for PF320, PF322 and PF324 + Wide Screen - Black (pair)
    CRT Hanger Arms for PF322 & PF324 + Wide Screen - Black (pair)
    Command � Strips for PF317 & PF319 + Wide Screen (8 per sheet)
    Command � Strips for PF322 & PF324 + Wide Screen (8 per sheet)
    Hanger Arms - Beige (pair)
    Hanger Arms - Black (pair)
    Hanger Arms - Black (pair
    Bump-On Pads - 1/4" height (strip of 4)
    Bump-On Pads - 1/2" height (strip of 4)

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