Factors to Consider for Adhesive and Tape Bonding

To form an adhesive bond, the adhesive must make intimate contact with the surface of each substrate. Therefore the adhesive must be selected with an understanding of the surface energy and cleanliness of the substrates. In addition, the adhesive must have sufficient cohesive strength to meet the needs of the application. As you select the substrates for your design, you can work with 3M to select the best adhesive for your application.

  • An animation illustrating the surface energy wet out process. A droplet of water makes contact with a surface and spreads out over the surface.

    Surface Energy, Wet Out and Adhesion

    Surface energy is a physical property of the surface of a material that determines whether an adhesive will make intimate contact. On a material with high surface energy, a liquid will spread out or wet the surface; on a material with low surface energy, the liquid will resist flowing and bead up. An adhesive must wet out the substrate to provide a bond.

    To choose the proper adhesive it’s important to understand the surface energies of all the substrates and how well the adhesive will wet out each one. Surface cleanliness is also a factor in how well an adhesive wets out the substrate: some adhesives require a high degree of substrate cleanliness, while for others it is less critical.

Glove covered human hands handle two metal parts coated with liquid adhesive that will be joined via adhesive bonding.

Material Bonding

Bonding challenging substrates is now easier with the right adhesive.

Discover new ways to bond different substrates

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