panel to frame and stiffener to panel

Panel-to-Frame and Stiffener-to-Panel Assemblies

High bond strength supports large panels and enhances stability.


Refine your assembly technique to meet new challenges in design

  • For construction, transportation or assembling doors, panel-to-frame and stiffener-to-panel assemblies provide strength and support for demanding structural bonding applications. Especially for decorative or load-bearing panels that are exposed to stresses and changing weather conditions, these require rigidity for a longer lasting bond. 3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives resolve these common design challenges while improving the aesthetics of the end-product.

    Learn how 3M bonding and assembly solutions used in panel assemblies, can address your challenges in design.

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Design challenges associated with panel assemblies

  • Using 3M™ VHB™ Tape Stiffener to Panel Application
  • Speed and efficiency

    3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes are easy and convenient to apply manually and builds bond strength quickly for a shorter handling time.

  •  Stiffener applied to panel
  • Noise absorption

    Promote confidence in the functionality of the product with the advanced technology of 3M™ VHB™ Tapes. Used along the length of the frame or stiffener, the foam carrier absorbs vibrational sounds to reduce noise.

Design confidently with a trusted solution

Create innovative products with precision, speed, and strength. For a bond that lasts, get in touch with our experts to tailor a solution for your assemblies.

Performance factors for panel assemblies

Bonding and assembly solutions for panel assemblies need to be able to withstand these conditions to form a strong, lasting bond:

  • Flexible to hold loads or thermal expansion mismatch
  • Dead holding strength
  • Gap filling or customisable to fit from end to end
  • Water-tight sealing

3M tapes, adhesives, sealers, and fasteners can maintain elasticity for dynamic loads or allow for expansion differences when temperatures change. Explore the range of bonding solutions for your project:

Good = + Better = ++ Best = +++

* Adhesive performance is dependent on cure temperature and size of assembly.

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Create innovative designs with confidence. Regardless of industry, application, or substrate, 3M offers a wide range of products that meet your bonding needs.