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Image of a worker using a handheld pad to control a robot arm

Automated Manufacturing with Adhesives and Tapes

Companies are moving to automation to meet changing customer demands— and are improving their own businesses at the same time. Even low levels of automation can have a significant effect on improving your process, quality and cost.

Ask a 3M expert

Innovations in automation can help you produce more for less

Regardless of your needs, 3M has the resources and support to help you take the first step toward automation.

  • Image of a dispenser tip applying adhesive around the edge of a moulded plastic form
    • Rate/speed of production
    • Number of units produced
    • Consistency from unit to unit
    • Precision, accuracy at a specific stage
    • Quality or design of finished unit
    • Traceability or future optimization
  • Closeup of a complex taping head attached to a robot arm and poised over a workpiece
    • Reliance on human labour / number of labour hours per unit
    • Waste, re-work, and scrap
    • Work-in-process inventory

Image of the 3M™ On Demand Bonding System, a workpiece on a table, robot arm and dispensing stand
A bond beyond.

Launch your manufacturing process into the future with the 3M™ On Demand Bonding System featuring 3M™ VHB™ Extrudable Tape.


Where do you sit on the readiness scale?

When we talk about automation it helps to understand what the different levels of automation are, where you’re at now and how you can best meet your production needs. Please understand that these are not rigid categories where you’re in one at a time – different parts of your production might be at each level, or a process might straddle two levels. The general categories are just to help understand the continuum of automation options so everyone in the discussion understands the possibilities.

As you can see below, there are several factors that can play into the decision about what range of automation best meets your needs right now and what to consider as a future option. Your decision for any process will be based on your part volume, labour, how precise the application must be, available budget and whether you do short or long production runs.

  • Assembly Volume:  Low volume, job shop

    Value of Parts:  Least expensive

    Labor cost:  Lowest, inexpensive easy-to-hire employees

    Quality Requirements:  Quality can be achieved manually

    Experience with Automation:  None


  • Assembly Volume:  Low-medium volume, job shop

    Value of Parts:  Less inexpensive

    Labor cost:  Low-medium less inexpensive easy to-hire employee

    Quality Requirements:  Quality can be achieved semi-manually

    Experience with Automation:  None


  • Assembly Volume:  Medium-high volume, identical parts

    Value of Parts:  More expensive

    Labor cost:  Medium-high, more expensive, difficult to hire employees

    Quality Requirements:  High precision, accuracy required

    Experience with Automation:  Use automation or robotics today


  • Assembly Volume:  High volume, identical parts

    Value of Parts:  Most expensive

    Labor cost:  High, most expensive, difficult to hire employees

    Quality Requirements:  Extreme precision, accuracy required

    Experience with Automation:  Use automation or robotics today


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