Signage Solutions

Signage Solutions

Unmatched durability, smoother finish.


Signage designs with a smooth, polished finish

Beat the competition with signage designs that defy gravity with the help of 3M bonding and assembly solutions. Combine dissimilar materials seamlessly with no unsightly marks. Industrial adhesives and tapes help to streamline the fabrication process and conform to curved surfaces with ease. Incorporating the advanced 3M adhesive technology, these industrial bonding solutions create strong bonds quickly and withstand changing weather conditions and humidity.

Explore how 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes expand your design possibilities for indoor and outdoor sign installations:

Bonding and assembly requirements for common application areas

  • Mount letters
    Mount letters
    • Invisible joints for improved aesthetics
    • More resistant to wear and tear and joint fatigue for a strong, lasting bond
    • Resistant to environmental factors and corrosion which could weaken joints, especially for metal to metal bonds
  • Attaching LED lightbox
    Attaching LED lightbox
    • Reduces the weight of the sign to reduce joint fatigue and load bearing stress
    • Heat resistant and maintains elasticity for a bond that lasts
    • Invisible joints for a cleaner finish
  • Post and panel sign assembly
    Post and panel sign assembly
    • Fastens seamlessly without screws for a smooth and clean finish
    • Withstands changing weather conditions and UV resistant for durability
    • Easy to apply manually for a streamlined assembly process
  • Totem signage design
    Totem signage design
    • Applying a thin layer of adhesive or tape enhances the aesthetics
    • Resists cleavage and peel stress for a lasting bond with an industrial adhesive or tape used along the length of the joint
    • Bonds dissimilar materials with ease
  • Façade signage
    Façade signage
    • Eliminates the need for screws to leave a smooth finish
    • Thin layer of adhesive reduces the weight
    • Joins hard-to-bond materials easily

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Think beyond mechanical fasteners and expand your design capabilities with a range of bonding and assembly solutions that last. Get in touch with our experts to discover how its strength and versatility can be tailored for your project.