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Convenient solutions for your bonding challenges

Constant exposure to changing weather conditions, chemicals, and UV rays are some of the key considerations when assembling a vehicle. Push the boundaries of your designs by bonding dissimilar materials better suited to withstand such conditions. With the help of 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes, it readily bonds to the substrate while eliminating the added weight of mechanical fasterners. Resistant to corrosion, it enables you to confidently design vehicles that performs even in harsh environments.

Build cars of the future efficienctly and incorporate smarter designs when assembling public transportation with 3M bonding and assembly solutions.

Bonding and assembly requirements for common application areas

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    • Bond dissimilar materials efficiently
    • Applied along the joint to seal display from moisture and dirt for optimal visibility
    • Invisible, thin, and clear fastening suitable for glass overlays for optimal sensitivity for touchscreens
    • Applied along the length of the seam, it prevents moisture leakage
    • Fast setting to allow for immediate painting or handling
    • Fast setting to allow for immediate painting or handling
    • Flexible bonds expands and contracts with thermal changes for a complete seal
    • Low-viscosity liquid adhesives fills gaps to bond small parts Reaches a high rate of bond
    • strength quickly for durability Temperature and solvent
    • resistant to withstand environmental changes
    • Only a thin layer of adhesive is needed for lightweighting
    • Convenient and easy to apply manually, with a spray, or applicator
    • High shear and peel strength for a lasting bond

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Stick with a trusted solution

Think beyond mechanical fasteners and expand your design capabilities with a range of bonding and assembly solutions that last. Get in touch with our experts to discover how its strength and versatility can be tailored for your project.